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Swanton airport facilities

If you are planning a trip to the village of Swanton in north-western Ohio and are travelling there from across state or another part of the country, then you may opt to fly into one of the local airports. This includes the small Fulton County Airport, which is just 15 miles with and covers an area of 42 acres with two runways. The longer runway measures 3,882 by 75 feet and has an asphalt surface while the other is slightly shorter at 2,115 by 75 feet with a surface of turf and asphalt. Over a twelve month period, this airport had well over 20,000 aircraft operations which works out at an average of just under 60 flights in and out every day. Most of these are general aviation flights however there are also a very small percentage of charter flights for both cargo and passenger carriers plus some military operations that occasionally go through this airport and there are currently around 24 aircraft based here overall.

flightMost major carriers operate in the area from the largest airport in northwest Ohio which is the Toledo Express Airport, located in suburban Swanton and this has been operating for both military and civil aviation since 1955. It is still used as a base for F-16 fighter jets from Ohio’s Air National Guard, which played a pivotal role in providing extra funding to lengthen the runways and enhance safety. In addition, this airport is served by seven of the major passenger airline carriers but it is also a major hub for air cargo and is the international center for BAX Global who are a worldwide shipping company whose headquarters are in California. Toledo Express has also been named in the top five of a survey designed to find the best small airports in the Midwest and due to its success a major $22 million renovation project was begun in 2007 to expand the existing airport and to renovate the gate of its only terminal; in order to offer direct services to the city of New York. The Flight Safety International and Toledo Public Schools’ Aviation Program also operate from here and for those in the area with an interest in learning to fly, there are two fixed base operators offering flight instruction here too.

The Toledo Express Airport was established as a replacement for the existing facility at that time which was Toledo Municipal Airport and situated 6 miles southeast of Toledo. This was originally opened in the late 1920’s when the newly established Toledo Airport Committee raised funds and chose a site for what was set to be Toledo’s Transcontinental Airport. This proved to be a successful choice as it was not long before the airport was setting air mail records and became one of the largest airports East of the Rocky Mountains until the Great Depression set in and changed things for many decades to come and by 1954 it was practically redundant. However thanks to the increase in the demand for general aviation and private business jets in the early 1970’s it was reopened and is still used today for private, business and charter flights.

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