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Tourists staying in or around the village of Swanton in north west Ohio come to visit some of the excellent wineries that the region has to offer where they can enjoy some truly excellent white and red varieties grown locally. There are a variety of wineries nearby where you can tour the vine yards, learn more about wine making and sample the end product, including some close to surrounding cities like of Toledo, Defiance, Sandusky and Port Clinton. wineMany of the wineries are open to the public all year round while some will require advance booking for a private tour especially during out of season periods. If you are a proper connoisseur and want to really experience all that the area has to offer then you may want to try one of Ohio’s great wine trails which are distinctly marked with clear directions to guide you from winery to winery while taking in some magnificent views of the state’s splendid wine country. Routes entail driving on open highways and quiet country roads through fertile landscapes filled with abundant vineyards and lush countryside.

One of the best multiple winery tours of this kind, within easy access of Swanton is the beautiful Lake Erie Shores & Islands Wine Trail which runs across north-western and central Ohio taking in 13 wineries and/or vineyards along the way. If you prefer just to make a single stop, then the award winning Chateau Tebeau Winery is also easy to reach and is on State Route 635 in Helena. It is a family run business that offers a range of white and red wine as well as several specialty fruit wines. As well as their popular tasting room – where you can sample several varieties including four that have won awards in wine competitions around the state – you can also enjoy dine in their popular restaurant. This is a favorite with both locals and tourists in the area as live music is also held here on Friday and Saturday nights so this is a nice way to round off your tour with a relaxing meal washed down with your favorite bottle of local wine. You want to take a few bottles home with you too whether you opt for the distinctive Traminette, a dry white wine with a grapefruit finish or a classic red white like Merlot or the sweet Maisson Rouge. Their range of fruit-based wines includes ingredients such as peach, strawberry, cherry and rhubarb.

Additional wineries in the Swanton area include the Hillside Winery on Main Street in Gilboa, the Stoney Ridge Winery on County Road 16 in Bryan plus the E & K Winery and the Firelands Winery in Sandusky on East water Street and Bardshar Road respectively. The Mon Ami Historic Winery & Restaurant on Port Clinton’s East Wine Cellar Road is also worth a visit however a comprehensive list of all wineries, including opening locations, hours and related tours can be obtained online from the Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism.

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