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If you enjoy organic, fresh local produce and live in the village of Swanton, Ohio then you are fortunate enough to have access to several farmers markets in this area that are on in different on different days of the week from May until October. From freshly picked ears of corn and juicy ripe tomatoes to meat, dairy and home baked goods too, this is the ideal place to get everything you need to enhance a healthy lifestyle and you are also assisting your community and the environment too! The concept behind this popular form of retailing means that local farmers can sell any excess produce that that may have to nearby residents who can enjoy fresh produce that hasn’t traveled halfway across the state or country to get to your dinner plate.

marketsOne of the most popular outdoor markets in the area is the Perrysburg Farmers Market which is a short drive away from Swanton and it is held on Louisiana Avenue and Second Street in the town every Thursday from 3pm until 8pm. You will find a selection of locally grown fruit and vegetables including annuals, perennials and herbs as well as home made goods like pies and cakes as well as canned goods including jelly, pickles and chutney. Alongside the wide range of high-quality fresh food products, there is also a good selection of arts and crafts stalls at this busy market where you can find unusual gifts and souvenirs hand made by local artisans. During the summer months – June, July, August – a succession of outdoor concerts are also held at this venue which is situated in a very picturesque area which adds to the ambiance for these live music events.

The Bryan Farmer’s Market is held on the north side of the downtown square area every Tuesday morning from 7am until noon then there is an afternoon market on Thursdays from 3pm until dark. This is another favorite that has proved popular with both residents and locals alike, as it gives the public the opportunity to buy local produce direct from the farm which means it comes totally fresh and at the peak of its flavor whether you are looking at meat, dairy or produce goods. The Bowling Green weekly market also brings you the freshest vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants in season along with a comprehensive range of baked goods, home made pickles and preserves and hand-crafted goods created by some of the best craftsman in the region. This market is held on Wednesday afternoons from 4pm until 8pm and is a prime example of how proud the region and its residents are of their agricultural heritage. Alternatively if you are busy working during the week, and are looking for a market that is held on weekends instead, then check out the dates for Fostoria Farmers’ Market which is on from 9am to 1pm on regular Saturdays from May 4 until 21 October at the Downtown Key Bank, on West Tiffin Street in Fostoria. Aside from all the fresh food products, you will also find an equally large selection of beautiful arts and crafts that includes jewelry and home ware.

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