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Aside from general related phobias, most of us dislike the idea of pests around our house because we associate these pesky insects and rodents as being attracted to dirt however the opposite is generally the case as pests come into our homes because they are clean, cosy and inviting. Another common misconception is that the heat brings out the worst of these critters but it is actually during the fall that the problem often starts and homes in Swanton are no exception. In north west Ohio, many residents find that as the weather cools down, the pests start moving and very often into our homes where ants in particular are drawn for nesting and foraging at this time of year. To make matters worst, there are numerous different species of ants in the region from carpenter ants to pavement ants and pharaoh ants to termites. Often different species require differing means of elimination so it is often best to call in the experts and fortunately there are many companies of this kind in the areas.

pest-controlOne of the most established are based in Toledo and this is Frame’s Pest Control which is a 2nd generation family owned and operated business that is based in the city, but which provides services all over the surrounding areas. This company was founded in 1972 so they have been serving the region in both commercial and residential capacities for over forty years and boast that they have over a hundred years of skills, knowledge and experience in their field, between them. Fully licensed and insured, not only will they eliminate any ants, termites, wasps or bedbugs that have taken up residence in your home but they will also provide you with a detailed written report for each service undertaken. While following the strictest health and safety standards, this company have gained a reputation for their professionalism as well as their reliability all of which is delivered at a competitive but reasonable price to keep your family, pets, home and business a safe and pest-free environment.

Ernie’s Pest Control is another reputable company that serves the village of Swanton as well as many towns and cities in surrounding areas. They are based in Northwood on Woodville Road and aside from all the general pest elimination services on offer, they provide a 24 hour emergency service too. From rodents to roaches and bees to bedbugs, this team of professionals will eliminate any pest problems you may have in your household or even at your business premises. If you are new to the area then there may be some critters that you are not used to having around but which unfortunately are synonymous with the region. These include centipedes and millipedes, earwigs, fleas, hornets, wasps, pil bugs, silverfish and spiders each of which requires specialized treatment that will not only eliminate the problem but will ensure that it does not become a recurring one. Your local pest control company will happily assist you with both these issues as well as providing additional information of symptoms and signs to look out for, with regards to the most common pests that may be lurking in your area.

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