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If you are a parent and have recently moved to the village of Swanton in the northwest Ohio region, then finding out what educational facilities are available for your child will no doubt be a priority. Of course, this will also depend on the age of your child (or children) but aside from several colleges and university options, there is one public high school, 1 junior/middle school and 2 elementary schools in the public sector and 1 elementary school in the private sector.

schoolsSwanton High School is situated in North Main Street and has around 550-600 students with a teacher-student ratio of 18/1. The Principle is Mr. Steve Gfell while Mr Steve Smith is the Assistant Principal and working alongside their dedicated team teachers, they are committed to providing an outstanding institution where students have the opportunity to develop socially as well as intellectually. In addition to its comprehensive curriculum, the school also has a varied sports and arts program that has proven to be highly successful for producing both athletic individuals and sporting teams who regularly compete in events and tournaments across the region. Alternatively, if your child’s interest are more musical than sport-orientated then you may prefer to sign them up for the school’s popular Band Practice which also see’s students compete in regular events as well as getting involved in other musical contests and ceremonies.

Swanton Middle School is located on Cherry Street and currently has over 350 students with a similar ratio of students to teachers as the local High School. This facility also offers a comprehensive guidance program that teachers, students and parents can all get involved with. The aim of this Swanton Middle School Counselling Program is to give assistance to all students to ensure they acquire the skills and knowledge they will require to proceed further with their education. However it also helps them develop the right attitude to progress in life beyond school so they can become productive and valuable members of the local community as well as having a greater understanding of global challenges. Crestwood Elementary also comes under the Swanton’s Board of education along with the high and middle schools mentioned and this can be found on Crestwood Drive as does Swanton’s other elementary school for 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders. This is the Park Elementary which is on Elton Parkway and prides itself on its comprehensive music program that gives younger children an introduction to a variety of different musical instruments and styles. This begins at 3rd grade where students will learn about the various Pentatonic Scales by using a xylophone to discover notes and eventually put these together to perform songs as the school year progresses. In 4th grade, they will then work on the C Pentatonic Scale and advance from playing melodies on the xylophone to a simple counter melody on the larger glockenspiel. Moving on, 5th grade students will then learning how to play the recorder and can advance up a scale of different levels as they learn more songs and skills.

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