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There are several charitable organisations that are operated by residents of Swanton – a village in North West Ohio – so if you have recently moved to the area and would like to get involved, then you will find more than a few options. Volunteering is not only an ideal way to help your local community but it is also a great way to meet new friends and like-minded people in your area. Many of these are run by churches and religious groups in the area and most were established to help those in less affluent situations and places in the region.

communityThe Knights of Columbus are a nationally known organisation that is a branch of the Catholic Church and its many programs have changed many lives, communities and neighborhoods across the country and their Swanton council are no exception. With values very much based around family fraternity and serving the community, this is the ideal opportunity for you to get involved in projects that not only help those in need transform their lives but which could also give your own life a transformation in the process. The Knights deem themselves to be a band of brothers working together to help local communities through networking and service to support those within the parish that are most in need. Examples of the support programs include simple provisions like the “Coats for Kids” and “Food for Families” but they also provide support for those with intellectual or physical disabilities, victims of natural disasters both locally, nationally and internationally and save lives through initiatives such as their “Ultrasound Program.” Volunteering for this organisation could involve collecting unwanted goods such as clothes, household goods or even mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and then distributing them where they are much needed. There are also volunteer positions that are less hands on so if you would prefer to be involved in a more administrative role, then you could help with fund raising, event organisation or general book keeping if preferred but if you want more information about how you can help, then contact their local office on North Main Street for further details.

The Swanton Rotary Club also do a lot of fund raising and charitable work in the local area The Rotary organisation has been involved in making a difference to many lives at home and abroad for over a century and are often made up of a wide range of people from all different backgrounds, cultures and societies. Each member works tirelessly within their local community to meet challenges and resolve issues to change lives locally and also around the world. These efforts are supported by Rotary International (a member association) and also by The Rotary Foundation, which turns generous donations and funds raised into grants that fund other work undertaken by members and associated partners globally. The local branch in this part of north-west Ohio is based at the Valley wood Golf Club however if you want to get involved in a more specific cause that is perhaps close to your heart then you may want to volunteer with a smaller organisation such as the Assistance Dogs of America on South Route 64 who are an animal welfare charity or the Swanton Senior Center on North Main Street who are often looking for assistance at this day-care facility for senior citizens.

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